Tinnitus - What you should know

What is Tinnitus?

Many of my patients who experience tinnitus have noticed their symptoms getting even worst due to the stress and anxiety they are experiencing. 
I was recently having a conversation with a colleague, Dr. Brand Stewart, about how he is helping his patients manage their tinnitus in his clinic. 
Dr. Stewart is an audiologist who also has tinnitus himself, and he has tested many of the most popular approaches to treatment with his own tinnitus, 
What Dr, Stewart has found (and I agree with), is that "Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Intervention" approach is the most effective way to address tinnitus. 
What's more, because of the distancing restrictions and limited access to in-person care, Dr. Stewart has developed a comprehensive online tinnitus brain retraining program. 
If you're dealing with tinnitus, I personally believe this program is a great supplement to anything else you're currently doing to manage your symptoms. I would recommend checking it out, If it isn't helpful, you have 30 days to receive a full refund.