Ronald Schleder

For a period of several years my wife and I thought we were getting good hearing care from our 1st Hearing Specialist. However, ill fitting hearing aids that ‘buzzed”, were uncomfortable, and caused my wife to hear her speech echo inside her head as well as loudly chewing her food, we decided there had to be a better solution!

After seeing Dr Jill’s tv ad, we setup an appointment to see what could be done. Dr Jill analyzed our hearing issues and fitted my wife with a new set of  top quality hearing aids that fit properly and allow her to hear clearly without any feedback or discomfort . My wife’s 1 year old hearing aids were properly reprogramed to my needs and replaced my 5 year old units.

We cannot believe the difference/improvement. Using them is “seamless” as once we put them on in the morning we don’t think about them until  removing them at bedtime. We even remind each other to be sure to remove them before showering as they’re that easy to forget about.

I sincerely hope this doesn’t read like a “paid advertisement”  because I assure you IT IS NOT. It’s simply a testimony of 2 individuals that greatly appreciate what a true professional can do for your hearing and your daily quality of life. We couldn’t be more pleased with our decision to choose Dr Jill for our hearing care professional.