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We are dedicated to improving the lives of the hearing impaired, one patient at a time. Everything we do is to help people with hearing loss enjoy the sounds, voices, people, and conversations in their lives. We take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying.

“I can’t begin to thank you enough for how you have changed my life, even in such a short span of a week. It is so enjoyable to hear and understand my family again, especially my grandchildren. I thought I would feel really old with hearing aids but the opposite is true, now I feel like a young 60-year-old. It is amazon all the sounds I have been missing and didn’t even realize it.

I will be one of your biggest fans and have found myself preaching to everyone about hearing loss and taking measures to rectify it. I am like the smoker who finally quits and then can’t stand being around smoke.

Again, Thank You, Thank you, Thank you…”

– Ella Martinson

I want to thank Dr. Jill for her understanding how hearing loss affects your life and her knowledge of the latest developments in Hearing Aid science. After 21 years, I can hear NORMALLY. I can hear the TV at the volume my wife uses. She doesn’t have to repeat what she said 2 or 3 times. In a group, I can hear and understand what everyone is saying and for the first time in 21 years, join the conversation.”

– John [Jack] Barlow

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I had my 6 month checkup with Jade today. She is so nice. She explained each step of the process for cleaning and maintaining my hearing aides.

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Rebecca G., on Google

Very friendly and helpful when I am there for my appointments and answer any questions and concerns about my hearing aids. Very professional and personable people who work there. Thank you for your kindness!

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Theresa Yackubowski, on Google

Great experience! Firstly, Dee, the receptionist, is the kindest & most personable receptionist! Dr.Jill took the time to learn all she needed to understand in regard to my husbands situation and what we hoped to accomplish. We both feel great about the next step of getting the hearing aids thanks to all the knowledge Dr. Jill gave us!

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Sheila Paulsen, on Google

I had gotten a hearing test previously at a different doctor's office that concluded I had somewhat normal hearing 'for my age.' I am beyond excitement for having gone to Dr. Jill. She is so passionate and caring about conducting the hearing tests and providing thorough explanations of the results. She truly shared my enthusiasm of being able to hear! I highly recommend her to anyone who feels they are having hearing issues.

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Nancy Viner, on Google

There are not words to describe my experience with Dr Jill as well as the very personable and efficient staff. They treat their patients as if they are family. You will never make a bad decision by taking your hearing needs to Dr Jill and staff.

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Connie Rust, on Google

I was extremely pleased with my initial visit. I found Dr. Jill professional, knowledgeable (and able to share that knowledge in an understandable way), personable and interested in my hearing. She thoroughly explained the difference in hearing aids and explained which ones would be most helpful to my particular hearing loss. I have complete faith that she can help me achieve greater hearing.

Joella Stone

Dr. Jill explained things very well.  She’s super approachable.  I feel that she’ll do her very best to help me get the most out of my new hearing devices.

Carol Deignan

From the minute I walked in the door, I felt very comfortable. The staff was extremely nice. When visiting with Dr. Jill, I felt like she was a caring person who was going to help me. The questions she asked and responses I gave made me feel like “yes” she knows exactly how I am feeling. Suddenly losing your hearing is a scary situation, but I was relaxed and open on how to get my life back to ‘normalcy’.

Susan Thumma

Very good experience. Dr Jill explained things well. Very personable & professional.

Junetta Janda

Dr. Jill and her staff are so friendly, professional, and efficient. I highly recommend them.

Danielle Beebe

Good feelings about the hearing test. Explanations were clear, and I thought the whole experience was very professional. I am thinking about whether I would want a hearing aid.

Vincent Mills

Absolutely great.

Cliff Voelker

I was pleasantly surprised with my experience. Everyone was is very welcoming. Its starts when you walk in the door until you walk out the door. Dr. Jill did an excellent job describing my hearing loss and what my options would be. She never pushed me into buying something that day. I was nervous thinking I had to purchase something the day of my visit. That was not the case. Its absolutely a big purchase but I’m confident I made the right decision with my purchase and I cant wait to pick them up. Thanks to everyone at Professional Hearing Solutions.

Keith Simoens

Dr. Jill was very helpful! She had a wealth of knowledge that put me at ease with decision making.

Travis Hunt

Doctor was thorough and explained everything to where I understood.

Sheryl Gates

Very pleasant and informative.

Eldon Kurth

Informative. Honest evaluation. Loved time machine.

Randy Alliger

Good experience dr explained things well testing was well done.

Larry Rodgers

I have a family history of hearing loss and I knew the time had come to address my concerns. I was very pleased with my decision to see Dr. Jill. She was very helpful and addressed all of my questions. Her office is well run and we are very impressed with the tech support through Starkey. I have adjusted well to my new aids and know that help is just a call away when and if I need it. I would encourage anyone to reach out to her and only wish I had done this sooner. Thanks so much to everyone at Professional Hearing Solutions!

Beth Pelic

Absolutely everything I could have expected or required in a visit. I have a clear understanding of what I need to do with my hearing, also of timeline I need to be doing it in. From the girl in the office to Dr. Jill herself, if the hearing business ever got slow you could also conduct seminars on how it should be done.

Jeff Shimek

Felt very comfortable. Dr and staff are knowledgeable and professional.

Lloyd Swanson

It was great. If felt like I new Dr. Jill for a long time. I get my hearing aids at a great cost.

Elizabeth Boyanovsky

Positive experience, everyone in the office as well as Dr. Jill were very friendly and professional.

Sherrie Kopecky

Thanks Jill for helping me hear better!

Jesse Jans

In my search to find a new audiologist, I was apprehensive and unsure of where to go. From the moment I made contact with Dr. Jill, I could tell I was on the right path! Everyone at Professional Hearing Solutions was friendly, knowledgeable, welcoming & professional. In addition, with the current COVID climate, they are operating in a safe manner using proper protocols. It was definitely a great experience and I feel so thankful to have found this for my new audiology home!

Mary Haack Tiedemann

Very knowledgeable and awesome staff!

Stacy Rathje

Very professional in all ways. Advance coordination for the appointment and very good direct interaction and explanations before the actual examinations. Provided clarifying comments on the results of the the tests and was very thorough in recommendations. Would highly recommend Dr. Jill.

Gerald Widen

During my appointment with DR Jill, I was made to feel so comfortable, and that my hearing problem was most important to her. She spent a considerable amount of time educating me about all the facets of correction with hearing aids and then making the molds of my ears for proper fit of the devices.

Dr. Jill is a lovely person to work with–looking forward to getting my new hearing aids and having better hearing in the future!!

M. S. Chambers

Got me in quickly, thorough and patient. I got some clear answers and suggestions to help with my tinitus and peace of mind.

Beth Mackey

Dr.Jill was a joy to visit with. I was experiencing a blockage in my ear, and she was able to assist me quickly, all the while being extremely patient, friendly, and informative. Chelsea at the front desk was also a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend this office!

Ashlhea Demianovich

As someone who has had substantial enough hearing loss since they were an early teen that the utilization of hearing aids was necessary and has been ever since and who is now quickly approaching the age of thirty-two. It is safe to say I have been in and out of an audiologist clinic or two in my day. Out of all the audiologists and clinics I have been in and out of or purchased aids from none come remotely close in comparison in any way shape or form to Dr. Jill and her staff (Chelsey!).

Not only are they personable, friendly, accommodating, knowledgeable, and passionate about what they do they also without hesitation as professionals go above and beyond to ensure that each one of their customer’s individual needs and preferences is met while at the same time ensuring their overall quality of life improves by accurately and successfully meeting their hearing needs in some way or another. They truly go above and beyond.

If that’s not enough Dr. Jill goes out of her way to stay up to date and knowledgeable on the latest hearing breakthroughs or technology soon to be released in the hearing industry which she is always more then happy to share with is greatly appreciated by not just myself I’m sure. There is no one else I would trust with my hearing and the enhancement of it. I can confidently say without a smidgen of doubt that Dr. Jill and her extremely capable and knowledgeable staff are undoubtedly some of the best in the business, if not the best.

Darren Cook

Very professional. Very friendly.

Sue Holder

I got my hearing aid 3 years ago and I’ve been delighted with it. I never realized how much I was missing out on. Now I can hear clearly my granddaughter’s voices, the TV, and conversation with my friends in restaurants.

Kathleen Wickham

Dr. Jill was very knowledgeable and took the time to explain things and answer questions thoroughly.

David Guckengerger

Dr. Jill was direct and to the point!! Very clear and gave me the information I needed to make a decision on hearing aids that will work for my life style and needs! No runaround and honest! The best part is I will be in my new hearing aids by next week!! Thank you so Much For Giving me my life back!!

Lisa Lane-Ralston

I enjoyed working with Dr,. Jill and am very pleased with the results. Would highly recommend.

Jeff Madlom

Excellent service.

Lynn Bly

I do highly recommend Dr Jill. She is not only professional but kind and caring in a personal way as well. She definitely knows what’s she doing and I’ve been pleased with my care.

Pam Williams

Courteous and professional service; hearing aids like other places aren’t cheap.

Jack Thorpe

I was impressed with Dr. Jill and she did a thorough examination of my hearing. Every time I have a problem or questions, Dr. Jill and her staff have responded with care and professionalism.

Stew Royce

Knowledgeable, professional and thorough. Also courteous.

Robert Sowadski

They were very professional, knowledgeable, and accommodating.

Grace Sparling

It was great experience with them, very friendly and it was awesome to work with Dr Jill.

Kim Steggall

Dr. Jill and her staff are great to work with. Always willing to stay late to help if I can’t make it in during regular hours.

Dave Runge

When I have any issue with my hearing aids Dr. Jill and Chelsea are very helpful with trying to get it all resolved. I appreciate them very much.

Paulette Richmond

I was apprehensive about addressing my hearing loss but Dr. Jill’s thorough screening and evaluation made things clear. Her explanation and recommendation based on my needs and preferences resulted in a good experience. Dr. Jill is very qualified and I am happy to recommend her and Professional Hearing Solutions.

Linda Liston

So very happy to be able to hear again. It really makes my life better.

Donna Mohlis

Dr. Jill and staff are friendly, courteous and very helpful. My hearing aids are working well, and regular checkups make sure that they continue to.

Mark McDowell

I feel you were very thorough with the testing. And I am more than satisfied with these hearing aides, I can hear better than I’ve been able to in years. Even tho I’ve been wearing hearing aides for the last 11 years…Thank you so much!!!!!!

Gerri Sackfield

Excellent – Very Informative and detailed in regards to the different settings available based upon my loss of hearing!

Steven Kray

Dr. Jill and her staff are very professional and considerate. I’ve been with them for almost 3 years now and have no complaints at all. I have a disease that causes my hearing loss. With my hearing loss, one of my biggest fears was not being able to hear the “coos” and cries of a child. With my first Dr. visit, I knew I would have some help and guidance. With my new hearing aids, I gained a big part of my life back. I didn’t realize I was missing out on so much. Most of all, with a new baby in the mix a little over a year ago, I now have no worries. Hearing my child and being able to interact with her how I always wish I would is possible with Dr. Jill and her helpful staff. They don’t realize how much they have improved my quality of life.

Thanks again Dr. Jill and staff.

Nick Holub

Great. I am always treated very specially. It is super to be treated with respect and concern.

Byron Henn

Dr. Jill is who you want to see if you have hearing problems. Her products are the best, her service and staff are prompt and friendly.

Bob and Carol Ferguson

I had surgery for otosclerosis which did not help my hearing loss in my right ear. In February 2018 Dr. Jill fitted me with a hearing aid for single sided hearing loss.and with that I received a 3 year warranty, 3 year office visits and 1 year of batteries. With these hearing aids they are barely visible and no one knows I’m wearing them.

I can say that I have been very pleased with Dr. Jill. She is very professional and will answer any questions you have.

I highly recommend Dr. Jill. She will fit you with the right hearing aid for your hearing loss.

Ruth Harrison

The experience was very good. Dr. Jill went through all the various options and features, was clear about pricing and what she believed was the best hearing aid for my particular hearing loss.

Allen Gavin